3 Major Ways the Icon Laser Can Rejuvenate Your Face and Skin for the Better

Your skin is important to you, but the years can wear on and create changes to it that you do not like. This is when it becomes so important for you to look for treatments that can improve your skin and create more of the youthful look you desire. Whether you have a few scars or there are changes in pigment, treatment options like Icon laser are available that may offer some enhancements for you.

What is Icon laser rejuvenation?

Icon laser is a type of skin treatment that can be used on most areas of the skin. It is one of the more advanced solutions for improving the texture and look of the skin. In addition, it can provide you with a wide range of benefits without side effects. Whether or not this treatment is right for you depends on many factors. Take a look at three key ways Icon laser can rejuvenate your skin, including your face, to create the youthful, healthy skin you desire.

No. 1: Minimizes the appearance of scar tissue

A scar occurs when the skin suffers external damage. The cells work to build up in the area to heal over the wound. As it does this, it leaves a mark or an unnatural area of built-up skin that can last long term. Scars are not dangerous. They happen to most people. However, a scar on your face may be something you want to fix.

Icon laser can do this. It works very well to treat scars of all types, including those that have been there for years. There is very little downtime during the process. It can be used on any type of skin for this reason as well. During the procedure, your doctor will move a fractional laser light over the area of the scar tissue. The light stimulates the growth of new tissue. That can help to reduce the look of the existing scar significantly.

No. 2: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks

Another important way to use Icon laser is to help with reducing skin that’s been pulled out of shape. With wrinkles, including deep lines around your mouth or lines at your forehead, this treatment works to stimulate healthy cell production in that area. By stimulating the regeneration of new skin, it is possible to see improvement in those fine lines.

With stretch marks, the same type of process works. The skin here is stretched significantly for a period of time and then begins to shrink. This happens, for example, during pregnancy. Icon laser can help by stimulating the skin’s ability to heal itself. By encouraging new skin to form, it can help to fill in those lines to create natural, healthy-looking skin.

No. 3: Improves skin tone and texture

Icon works as a type of skin resurfacing solution for a variety of problems, including the tone and pigment of your skin. If you have areas where the texture does not feel the same, it can help there, too. For example, you may have an area that seems rough. Another area may seem pitted due to scarring. Acne can create changes in texture as well. Sun damage is another common problem.

Icon works to address these issues. The laser stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal. As it does, new skin cells form, covering and improving the existing skin damage. Within a short time, you can begin to see new, healthy skin replacing these areas. Most often, it is smooth and comfortable, and can even help to make your skin look youthful again.

Thinking about improving your skin? Here’s how to schedule an appointment

Many people can see significant improvement in their skin using Icon laser rejuvenation. Take the time to check out all of your treatment options by scheduling a consultation with our team. Meet with Dr. Krinsky to learn more. Request an appointment with our team now.

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