Holistic Care for Every Stage of a Woman’s Life

As a successful and experienced Board Certified Gynecologist, Dr. Andrew Krinsky has a thriving practice here in Coral Springs/Tamarac. He is often the first person to see young ladies for their first GYN visit. He says, “Subsequently, I’ve had the privilege of guiding and caring for hundreds of families during the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. I continue the care for the non-pregnant woman from adolescence, midlife, thru the menopause, and beyond.” With an approach specifically designed to be more holistic and patient nurturing, Dr. Krinsky knows that each stage of a woman’s life has its specific health goal. He is a Certified Menopause Specialist.

In a serene and personal boutique-like setting, his office is warm and inviting. Friendly and welcoming with a reassuring demeanor, Dr. Krinsky strives for personal touches in an effort to put every patient and family member at ease. The tastefully decorated waiting area greets every visitor with scents of lavender, spa – like music and relaxing videos. Proud of his caring staff, Dr. Krinsky humbly boasts, “Our team of trained professionals makes your visit cordial and comfortable. Everything is done with a smile, empathy and a gentle touch.”

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