Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin with Smartskin®+ Facial Laser Treatments

If signs of aging have you feeling self-conscious about your appearance — or if you’d simply like to look as young as you feel — you might be a great candidate for Smartskin®+ facial laser treatments. This minimally invasive treatment uses laser energy to stimulate natural processes in your skin that can take years off of your appearance.

Dr. Andrew Krinsky and our team here in Tamarac, Florida love offering Smartskin+ to patients as part of our holistic approach to health and beauty. Learn more about how Smartskin+ can rejuvenate your look.

How Smartskin+ facial laser treatments work

The Smartskin+ facial laser uses fractional laser energy to enhance your skin. The microscopic laser energy penetrates the skin, clears away old and damaged cells, and kick-starts your skin’s natural healing process. As a result, new cells and collagen are produced, making for a more vibrant and younger-looking appearance.

The Smartskin+ laser can help minimize numerous signs of aging, such as:

This facial laser treatment can also improve your skin’s texture and help mildly tighten loose or sagging skin in your face or neck.

What to expect during your Smartskin+ facial laser treatment

Smartskin+ facial laser treatment is far gentler and less invasive than cosmetic surgery. Your treatment will take place during an in-office appointment, during which you’ll be fully awake. Your provider will apply a topical numbing agent to your skin for added comfort. Additional medications may be available if necessary. Many people tolerate the sensation of the laser quite well. 

Aftercare for Smartskin+ facial laser treatment

The pulses of energy produced by Smartskin+ lasers are so tiny that the recovery period is shorter, compared to fully ablative lasers. You might notice immediate redness and swelling after your treatment, which will diminish on its own. Your skin will heal within about 3-4 days, at which point you can go about your daily life as usual. Because the amount of downtime varies, your provider will give you customized instructions. More delicate areas, such as your hands, chest, and neck, may take an added 1-2 weeks to completely heal.*

Smartskin+ facial laser treatment results

The healing processes that Smartskin+ facial laser treatments set in motion happen gradually, so your results will appear gradually as well. Over time, you’ll produce more collagen, which will help restore lost structure in your face associated with aging. The appearance of your skin can continue to improve for four months after treatment. One bonus of this is that your results will look not only youthful, but very natural. 

Learn more about Smartskin+ facial laser treatments by calling our office or requesting an appointment on our website. Dr. Andrew H. Krinsky and our team would love to support you in your wellness and aesthetic needs. 

* Individual results will vary

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