Why a Mohel is the Perfect Specialist to Perform a Religious Circumcision

The birth of a healthy baby is always a reason to celebrate and be grateful. If you happen to have a son, the question of circumcision the surgical removal of the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis typically comes up well before he’s born.

Rates of circumcision in the US have fluctuated among the general public over the past 30 years as circumcision health benefits and safety were debated. For Jewish families, though, there’s no question that the baby will be circumcised, as the minor surgery is part of a religious ritual known as a bris. Mohels are the specially trained, religiously observant men who carefully and safely perform this foreskin removal procedure.

Many mohels are not trained physicians, but Dr. Andrew Krinsky, FACOG not only has the unique surgical expertise required to conduct a safe and sterile circumcision, but he is also an ordained religious mohel who’s highly knowledgeable about this Jewish tradition.

Parents are understandably anxious when they consider this procedure for their precious newborn, but you’ll be reassured to know that Dr. Krinsky has over 30 years of experience performing religious circumcisions in southeastern Florida.

The Facts About Circumcision

Circumcision has many health benefits in addition to being a ceremonial rite. These benefits include:

What Happens During the Circumcision Procedure?

Before the bris is scheduled, Dr. Krinsky will walk you through everything you need to know about the procedural and ceremonial parts of the event. You may also want to talk about planning a celebratory meal to follow. There is a special room in our office in which he will perform the circumcision safely, quickly, and with a minimum of discomfort for your baby, or he can do the bris at your home or in another venue. Dr. Krinsky will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions for your baby, including what you can do to avoid infection and postoperative discomfort.

A Time to Celebrate

In addition to the sacred aspect of the bris, it’s also a time when friends and family can share in your joy and usher your son into his loving community of faith. Dr. Krinsky offers help in choosing meaningful readings, welcomes the presence of Rabbis and Cantors, and works willingly with interfaith couples. He will do all he can to make your family’s experience a cherished one.  

Please contact our office at 954-722-2002 to learn more about how Dr. Krinsky can support your family by performing your baby’s bris, or request an appointment online.

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