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Circumcision is a common surgical procedure among newborn baby boys but finding a religiously ordained certified mohel can be challenging. At his clinic in Tamarac, Florida, board-certified and ordained mohel Dr. Andrew Krinsky performs bris and baby naming ceremonies to make religious circumcision a meaningful, memorable experience for you and your family. Call to learn more or book online today.

Religious Circumcision Mohel Q & A

What is religious circumcision?

Religious circumcision is the removal of foreskin from the penis. It is a minor surgical procedure traditionally performed on the eighth day of a baby boy’s life in a meaningful Jewish ceremony, known as a bris. Religiously ordained and certified mohel Dr. Krinsky has over 30 years of experience performing religious circumcision and is currently working to serve Broward County, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, Florida.

What is the significance of a bris?

In the Jewish culture, a circumcision is often a religious event, during which time a baby boy is brought into the covenant of the Jewish people. Having a bris for a Jewish baby links the baby to Jewish heritage, which is an important part of the baby’s identity.

A bris ceremony is also known as a covenant of circumcision. In the Jewish culture, the covenant between God and the Jewish people is a sacred obligation, and circumcision during a bris is the beginning of a Jewish journey that lasts a lifetime.

What should I expect during a bris ceremony?

Dr. Krinsky takes proper precautions to ensure each circumcision is as painless, safe, and comfortable as possible during bris ceremonies. Events that take place during a bris include:

  • The family bringing a newborn baby into a special room
  • Dr. Krinsky surgically removing the penis foreskin
  • Helping families choose an appropriate Hebrew or Jewish baby name
  • Friends and family attending a meal of celebration

Dr. Krinsky personalizes each bris ceremony to ensure it’s a special experience for you and your loved ones. He allows personalized and scripted readings from family members during the experience and performs ceremonies at your home or other location of choice. Dr. Krinsky embraces interfaith couples and works with Rabbis and Cantors.

What are the health benefits of circumcision?

In addition to fulfilling religious Jewish beliefs and culture, circumcising a newborn baby boy may provide various health benefits, such as:

  • A lower risk of urinary tract infections
  • Easier hygiene
  • Reduced penis-related problems
  • A lower risk of sexually transmitted infections later in life
  • A reduced risk of penile cancer

Because circumcision is a minor surgical procedure, complications such as infection and bleeding may occur. That’s why using a board-certified physician like Dr. Krinsky as your mohel is one of the safest ways to complete the procedure during a bris.

When you’re ready to discuss bris ceremony options with an experienced religiously ordained certified mohel, call Dr. Krinsky’s office or book online today.

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