Women's Services

I) Comprehensive Initial Exam

The first examination with a new patient includes an in-depth review of current health concerns,  past history, family history, and social/environmental factors along with a complete physical exam,  laboratory testing and recommendations for ongoing health maintenance.

II) Annual Wellness Health Maintenance Exam

With a review of the past years events, labs, & medical concerns,  this exam addresses the specific recommendations for each phase of your life. My goal is to  promote a healthy life with emphasis on screening & preventative measures, to insure your well being.

III) First Gynecologic Exam for Teens & Adolescents

A complete discussion of the issues relevant to this important time in a woman's life.

IV) Contraceptive Counseling & Maintenance

V) Ultrasound for the Gynecology Patient

I provide in office, state-of-the-art ultrasound (sonogram),  both abdominal and vaginal, to evaluate the female pelvic organs. This includes diagnosing, screening & prevention along with immediate results from Dr. Krinsky.

VI) Bone Health & Bone Density Screening

In house testing is provided with certified DEXA Bone Density equipment & counselling on the treatment & prevention of osteoporosis, again with immediate results & recommendations.


Dr. Krinsky interviewed by the Health Science Channel


VII) Bladder Issues & Difficulty with Urine Control

In-House evaluation & treatment  of your bladder issues including computerized bladder testing, medication, & non-drug options for treatment  These    include:   on-site Bladder Physical Therapy by Certified Physical Therapist,  nerve stimulation (similar to acupuncture) to improve bladder leakage, frequency & urgency.  Coming   soon,  new & exciting options.

VIII) Embrace the Menopause

I share my expertise in hormonal & non-hormonal options.  These include bio-identical & trans-dermal (patch) treatments. As a Certified Menopause Specialist through The North American Menopause Society, I bring the most current approaches to my practice.

IX) Genetic Testing for Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer

X)Diet & Nutrition Counseling

HCG Diet


Laser light revitalizing for pain with intercourse, vaginal itching, and burning.